Thursday, 24 October 2013

3 things..


today's lecture, sir hasman asked us to present about
" 3 things you need to have when you stranded at the island "

in my opinion, the thing that i need to have is

1 . a knife
it is used to search for food, for safety reason, for cooking and cut the raw for cooking
and anything for the reason of survival.
the best part is, knife can be use continuously and it is consider very important to a person.

2. a lighter
lighters is the second important things that a person need to have.
it can help to make a camp fire to light up the environment when the sun down.

3. a rope
when we are at the middle of nowhere, a rope is consider essential because it help to tight up the tent.
even a rope can use to band a bunch of  bamboo to make a raft so that i can go search for a help


in my opinion, these 3 things can teach us how to be independent when we are given 
only a few things for survival
to make use our creative thinking in order to survive in a very limited resources
in real world, these 3 things help us and guide us to prepare for the world outside.
to survive in a real world is so much tougher than to survive in an island

in a real world, i need to imagine that i am working at the international companies,
and the companies announce that when i want to get promoted by the company, i need to make 
the company's profit at the maximum level
so i have been provided by 3 things as a tools to make the promotion

for me, the concept is the same like at the island
when we only have the 3 things, make use of it for your survival, for your own good.

till then
nadia fathin

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